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The Crystal Malts

Made from steeped and germinated green malt.​

Crystal malts are wide-ranging and the most versatile of malts. The germinated green malt is carefully turned in the roasting drum, gradually raising the temperature to a point where the grains’ natural enzymes convert the starch to sugar. Once complete, while expertly monitoring time, temperature, moisture and colour; the malt is gently roasted to the desired specification.

Understanding the malts sensory profile is crucial for the brewer. At inclusion rates between 3 and 10%, a low colour crystal malt will provide delicate notes of sweet caramel, golden syrup, malty-biscuity notes and an infusion of nuts and dried fruits. Introducing dark crystal malts to the grist brings greater flavour intensities, with powerful black treacle notes standing out supported by layers of rich caramelised sugar, roast coffee, a delicate bitterness and prominent rich dried fruits and nuts.

The Patent Malts

Made from barley or kiln-dried malt

The name given to these malts comes from the 19th Century when you needed a special license or “patent” to sell them. Patent Malts range in colour from lightly roasted Amber and Brown to Black and Chocolate Rich dark malts with strong flavour and aroma characteristics. Often used in a wide variety of beer styles like Porters, Stouts and Ales.

Highly-Kilned Malt

Munich Malt is a highly kilned malt often called a biscuit malt. It is packed full of flavour, producing a nutty, biscuity taste that adds dryness, and copper colour to any beer. Popular in Regional Lagers, Bocks, Dopplebocks, Porters, Bavarian Dunkels, Märzens, and special Oktoberfest beers.

The Organic Range

We can supply the majority of our range as organic malt on request.
The entire process from field to despatch is organic.
French & Jupps

Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

To learn about the journey from field to glass and more detailed explanation of the malting process click below.

Patent Malt - Process

To learn about the journey from field to glass and more detailed explanation of the malting process click below.


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