Malt Comparison

Dr Bill Simpson and his team at Cara technology performed a deep sensory analysis to provide a detailed breakdown of the flavours that are found across our range of malts. This page provides charted examples of the results to allow easy comparison between malts.

About the Analysis

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Dr Bill Simpson

Comparison of Malts
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Comparison of Malts
Sweet Category
Comparison of Malts
MALTY Category
Comparison of Malts
ROAST Category
Comparison of Malts
NUTTY Category
Comparison of Malts
Comparison of Malts
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A note for Brewers...

Understanding the malts sensory profile is crucial for the brewer. At inclusion rates between 3 and 10%, a low colour crystal malt will provide delicate notes of sweet caramel, golden syrup, malty biscuity notes and an infusion of nuts and dried fruits. Introducing dark crystal malts to the grist brings greater flavour intensities, with powerful black treacle notes standing out supported by layers of rich caramelised sugar, roast coffee, a delicate bitterness and prominent rich dried fruits and nuts.

Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

To learn about the journey from field to glass and more detailed explanation of the malting process click below.

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