Black Malt

Historically the key ingredient in Porter, currently enjoying a revival in many breweries in distinctive and flavoursome speciality beers.

Black Malt

The invention of the malt roaster in 1817 opened up the opportunity for maltsters to produce the darkest of all speciality roasted malts – Black Patent Malt. Popular at the time were a range of robust beer styles; Plain Porter, Baltic Porter, Export, Stout and Extra Stout. All have stood the test of time, evolving under the careful craftsmanship of the brewer and continue to delight the beer connoisseur today. 

During the roasting process, we elevate the temperature to achieve the maximum colour potential of the malt. French & Jupp’s Black Malt provides a great depth of roast intensity. Dominating the palate is a powerful bitterness, fresh roast coffee, characteristic smoky astringency and lingering cold barbeque coals. Reduced levels of sweetness compared to our chocolate malts, the Malty character is maintained with prominent breakfast toast, crunchy bread crust and freshly cooked rye bread.



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Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

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