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For over three centuries, French & Jupps has collaborated with leading brewers and artisanal food producers across the globe to supply exceptional malt for their signature brews and refined recipes.

The Secret Ingredient

Why brewers choose French & Jupps roasted malts

"French & Jupps record goes back over a century with us."

Tom McMullen

McMullen's Brewery

"The consistency and quality of their product is key to us producing consistent beer."

Andy Hepworth, Founder and Chairman.


Harvey's Brewery

"Have a proud tradition with meticulous values of quality and consistency with a passion for malting, equivalent to our passion for brewing"

Miles Jenner, Harvey's Head Brewer


Great Basin Brewing Company
Great Basin Brewing Company

“French & Jupps is where tradition, quality, and consistency come together to give any brewer superior malt to produce superior beers. Over the years, I have incorporated their specialty malts into countless recipes to produce a wide range of both classic and modern beer styles, with the resulting beer being outstanding”.

Aaron Lee Halecky, Brewmaster

Great Basin Brewing CO,

Great Basin Brewing Company
Woodforde's Brewery

“I’ve long been a big fan of French & Jupps malt. Their Crystal and Roast malts give my beers the depth of malt character that I’m looking for and their quality is second to none.”

Aaron Taubman, Head Brewer

Woodforde's Brewery

Woodforde's Brewery
Woodforde's Brewery
Wadworth Brewery Logo

Wadworth Brewery

Learn about our historic relationship with the iconic Wadworth Brewery.

One of our newer local clients brewing in Hertfordshire

"Cara Gold is often imitated but never equalled or surpassed"

Steve Evans, Rhymney Brewery

What do our brewers think?

Brewer Testimonials

French & Jupps


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Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

To learn about the journey from field to glass and more detailed explanation of the malting process click below.

Our Vision

Proudly delivering outstanding quality and services for centuries to come.

OUr Mission

We pride ourselves in:
Producing the finest quality speciality malts
Providing an inspiring environment for businesses to develop and grow
Supporting the community and local youth programmes

Our Values

Family owned and driven by core family values. 

We are: One team, supportive, honest, respectful and care greatly about our community, local talented youth and the environment.

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Proudly Creating Perfecting Malting Since 1689