French & Jupps Earns Most Improved Supplier Award From Muntons plc

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Sustainability has become a common objective that transcends almost all business activities, not just at French & Jupps but across the brewing and beverage world. In the last year alone, we have achieved a huge reduction in our CO2e emissions, now sourcing our energy from 70% renewable sources including solar, wind and hydro-electric power.

Not only are we incredibly proud of the strides we have made, but we also acknowledge the long road ahead. With that said, these steps haven’t gone unnoticed by our partners, including Muntons Malt, who are world leaders in sustainability.

French & Jupps is a proud supplier of brewing grains and brewing malt to Muntons plc, a company that is proud to be recognised by peers and experts themselves with a number of awards. Muntons are rightly acknowledged as leaders in the space, as they hold the highest platinum rating, which puts them in the top 1% of all companies worldwide. By reference to the FSA standard, Muntons can claim that it procures 100% sustainable barley. We are equally proud at French & Jupps to be one of the businesses supplying to Muntons, contributing to that rating.

At their head office Muntons Stowmarket, Procurement Manager Sarah Phillips launched Muntons supplier sustainability programme in 2022. This year, French & Jupps is proud to stand out as Muntons’ Most Improved Supplier from over 1,000 across the industry.

Sarah goes on to say “We recognised the need to increase the support of our supplier base in achieving our sustainability goals. We purchase goods and services from over 1,000 suppliers who all contribute towards our carbon footprint and play an important role in upholding our social and ethical values. We wanted to take a collaborative approach and therefore see the programme as a means to helping each other to become more sustainable. The programme currently incorporates our raw material, packaging, and transport suppliers but all our suppliers are expected to adopt our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.”

When asked about the programme’s success this year, Sarah said, “Some suppliers have engaged in the programme with so much enthusiasm. They have not only significantly improved their supplier rating with us, but they have told us that the knowledge they have gained from our programme has enabled them to speak confidently about sustainability to their customers. Some suppliers have also been able to calculate the actual carbon footprint of the raw materials and packaging they supply us.”

As we look ahead to 2025, the growing responsibility across all aspects of brewing, an incredibly energy-intensive process, is clear. We at French & Jupps will continue that work with suppliers, partners, and customers to together reduce the impact of our carbon footprint.

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