Proudly Creating Perfecting Malting Since 1689

Through the Generations

French & Jupps Ltd specialises in the production of top-quality speciality roasted and fine crystal malts, and has been supplying malt to the food and beverage industry for over 300 years.

From the past. To the future.

We continue forwards whilst tipping our caps to our past.

Expertly Roasted

Each of our roasting experts specialises in, and are dedicated to, specific types of roasted patent and crystal malts.

Surrounded by rich farmland

We make every effort to source our barley from local farms. We care deeply about the environment and the local farming community.

“French & Jupps and Wallington work together from selection to harvest”

Andrew Watts, Wallington Farm

Footage of our winter barley growing at Wallington Farm in Watton-At-Stone, HERTS
(just 9 miles away)

Footage taken May 21

We create a wide range of roasted malts with impeccable flavour profiles

We’ve completed a deep extensive sensory analysis  across our entire malt portfolio with a team of world-leading sensory experts. Learn more about the characteristics of our malts by clicking the button below.

Our Brewers

We proudly partner with fantastic breweries worldwide. These dedicated brewmasters pour their passion into creating unique and refined beers whilst using our fine roasted malt to add colour and delicate flavours. 

Check out some of the breweries we work with by clicking the button below.

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We can help you find the perfect crystal or patent malt.

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French & Jupps

Our Vision

Proudly delivering outstanding quality and services for centuries to come.

OUr Mission

We pride ourselves in:
Producing the finest quality speciality malts
Providing an inspiring environment for businesses to develop and grow
Supporting the community and local youth programmes

Our Values

Family owned and driven by core family values. 

We are: One team, supportive, honest, respectful and care greatly about our community, local talented youth and the environment.


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Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

To learn about the journey from field to glass and more detailed explanation of the malting process click below.

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French & Jupps Ltd, Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbotts, Herts, SG12 8HG​

Proudly Creating Perfecting Malting Since 1689