Tasty Cara Malt
New roasted malt for tastier lagers from French & Jupp's

First published: November 1998 The Brewer Magazine - Vol 84 Issue 1

A NEW low colour roasted malt has been launched by coloured malt specialist French & Jupps LTD designed to appeal to lager brewers wanting to produce beers with better flavour.

Cara gold is the result of a £10,000 Home Grown Cereals Authority Enterprise Award that enabled French & Jupp's and Brewing Research International to spend 12 months producing and refining a new roasted malt with defined flavours for lager brewing. The malt, originally produced on BRI's pilot roasting plant, has been subjected to regular tastings by BRI's trained taste panels. It was then used in several pilot brews to establish a direct relationship between malt flavour and final lager flavour. The product has malty, sweety, fruity and roasted flavour notes which carry through to the beer.
It produced golden orange lager with increased body and fullness and a rounded mouth feel. A report on the new malt's development will appear in a future issue of brewer's Guardian

For further information contact:
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