Pale Chocolate

French and Jupp’s Chocolate Malts have been a key ingredient for brewers globally in a wide range of Award-Winning Champion beers.

Pale Chocolate

Extended roasting times result in a great depth of colour in these prized, speciality roasted malts. Striking notes of fresh roast coffee up front, supported by a balanced bitterness and light smoky notes. Rich dark treacle on the palate lifts the overall sweetness. The rich sweetness is further enhanced by luscious layers of caramel, caramelised sugar and cocoa; followed by hazelnut, peanut and a long pleasant lingering dark chocolate finish. 

A versatile malt, at low percentages in the grist our pale and dark chocolate malts, will introduce a subtle hint of dark chocolate to dark lagers and ales. At higher inclusions freshly roasted coffee notes and a robust bitterness dominate, well suited to distinctive strong ales, porters and stouts. Combining with crystal malts for enhanced sweetness, velvety milk chocolate flavours can be attained. 


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Crystal Malt - Process

Crystal Malting Process Drawing

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